Technical Support Services

Technical Account Management

The Technical Account Management program assists with escalations when urgent quality system issues occur; but ultimately through the relationship, the goal is to prevent urgent issues from occurring.  The Technical Account Manager (TAM) will work directly with administrators and service professionals to ensure Sparta quality management systems are properly implemented and maintained.
The TAM serves as the customer’s lead support advisor through all phases of their system development life cycle, and will be the single point of contact for Supported Contacts.  Each TAM leverages extended experiences with the support, configuration and maintenance of Sparta solutions to provide guidance and knowledge transfer to the team.  Your TAM will focus on reducing risk, and realize long-term system success by driving performance and growth
Our Technical Account Management program includes support call status reviews, direct configuration and administration guidance, best practice planning and constant communication within Sparta Systems internal departments.  Technical Account Manager’s will review and become familiar with the customer’s business workflows, systems and processes to become an integral part of the success of the quality systems used.

If you are interested in our Technical Account Management program, please contact Customer Support or your Account Executive.

On-Demand Expert Services

On-Demand Expert Services provides consultative services and support for products dealing with but not normally supported as part of Sparta Care.  These services include assistance with:  (i) IT infrastructure assistance; (ii) when applicable, database recommendations will be provided regarding general administration and management, optimization, and tuning specific to the product schema; and (iii) integration with third party software. 
On-Demand Expert Services are available as part of the Technical Account Management program or as a stand-alone offering.

If you are interested in On-Demand Expert Services, please contact Customer Support or your Account Executive.

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