Advanced TrackWise Coordinator Techniques

Prerequisites:  Introduction to TrackWise Configuration and Administration
Audience: System Administrators, IT and IS Support Personnel, Business Owners, Project Managers, Project Team Members
Duration: 1 Day
Course Description 

The Advanced TrackWise Coordinator Configuration course is designed to teach an understanding of the Coordinator execution and provide guiding configuration principles which could be followed. With an understanding of both, TrackWise Coordinator can be configured to deliver automation requirements with the most optimal performance.

To facilitate this objective the Advanced Coordinator Configuration course will cover Admin schedules, multiple services, best practices around Admin queries and other relevant topics, all aimed towards enabling TrackWise Administrators to make the best possible choices during configuration. Throughout the course some simple examples will be used to enhance the understanding of key concepts later moving on to some more advanced examples of Coordinator usage.

Course Topics/Outline  

  • TrackWise Coordinator Review:
  • Overview      
  • Terminology Review   
  • Execution of Coordinator and How it Works:
  • Understand the Execution       
  • Understand the Admin Trigger Execution
  • First Occurrence
  • Recurring Conditions (Activities and States)
  • Program Sequence
  • Locked PRs
  • Optimal Configuration Practices:
  • Overview                      
  • Inter-Query Sleep Time
  • Admin Schedules
  • Automation Wants vs. Needs
  • Admin Queries (Optimizing and Planning)
  • Recurring Conditions (Activities and States)
  • Admin Triggers               
  • Notifications
  • Multiple TrackWise Coordinator Services
  • Optimal Configuration Practices (cont’d):
  • Naming Conventions
  • TrackWise Coordinator Account
  • Coordinator Exercises:
  • Multi-Stack Admin Triggers for Conditions
  • Multi-Stack Admin Triggers for Approvals
  • Automatic Priority Assignment
  • Common Coordinator Issues and suggestions to avoid :
  • Time Zone
  • Locked Admin Queries
  • PR not performed on
  • Shutdown of TrackWise Coordinator Server
  • TrackWise Coordinator Performance

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