New Features and Enhancements of TrackWise 8.7


Prerequisites: TrackWise Configuration and Utilities (retired) and TrackWise Coordinator (retired) / TrackWise Experience in Configuration and Administration - Course for customers upgrading from Version 7 to Version 8
Audience: System Administrators, IT and IS Support Personnel, Business Owners, Project Managers, Project Team Members  
Duration: 1 Day Course

Course Description

The New Features and Enhancements– Upgrading to TrackWise 8.7 course is designed to teach TrackWise System and Local Administrators the new features and configuration changes from TrackWise Version 7 to version 8.7, The course is designed to show how process groups are created, configuration is associated to these process groups, and how they are migrated. Finally, students will be introduced to new time-saving features created for managing process group configuration in TrackWise 8.7. The class focuses on best practices for configuration management in a TrackWise 8.7 environment.

Course Topics

  • TrackWise 8.7 overview
  • Discussion and review of next generation configuration management
    -  Introduction to process groups
    -  Review of historical vs. current day migration process 
  • Review of new Web Admin and TrackWise features by TrackWise version
  • TrackWise Analytics overview
  • Review of process group taxonomy best practices

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