Advanced TrackWise Configuration and Administration

Prerequisites: Introduction to TrackWise Configuration and Administration, Intermediate TrackWise Configuration and Administration
Audience: System Administrators, IT and IS Support Personnel, Business Owners, Project Managers, Project Team Members
Duration: 3 Days

Course Description
Advanced TrackWise Configuration and Administration completes the TrackWise Configuration and Administration curriculum by providing an insight into the globalization of TrackWise across multiple sites and locations. With TrackWise configured as a global application, all users will refer to one application when tracking various kinds of records. In addition, features such as auto trending, auto alerts, hidden fields with virtual group categories, and various other configurable options will be presented in a way that will enable students to get the most out of the TrackWise system.

Course Topics/Outline

  • Discuss TrackWise implementation at multiple locations
  • Create multiple divisions containing multiple projects
  • Define user roles to provide membership to multiple divisions/projects
  • Create global dashboards to monitor records from multiple divisions/projects and distribute to users
  • Configure TrackWise Coordinator  to account for various time zones
  • Employ TrackWise Coordinator priority groups
  • Utilize multiple TrackWise Coordinator services
  • Use of external fields
  • Best practices with reference record fields
  • Using hidden fields and virtual group categories
  • Use of question fields
  • Use of Coordinator for:
    -  Auto trending
    -  Auto alerts
    -  Decision trees
    -  Hidden fields
    -  Auto numbering
    -  Copying data from one field to another

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