TrackWise Mobile

Prerequisites: None
Audience: Any TrackWise users who plan to take their application mobile, System Administrators, IT Support Personnel, TrackWise end users
Duration: 1 day

Course Description 

This course provides an overview for a basic understanding of TrackWise Mobile as an event tracking and action resolution tool. Course cur­riculum provides an explanation of the TrackWise Mobile architecture, application components, including “Save Views” for Scope and Query combinations in mobile, basic functionality, FAQ’s, walkthroughs and the benefits of using a mobile device.  This course will also enable users to interact with the records via mobile devices.  System Administrators will learn how to enable permissions based on login accounts, so users can access TrackWise through their mobile device.

Course Topics/Outline 

  • Overview, benefits and usage of TrackWise tools, specifically:
  • TrackWise mobile app  
  • Web Admin configuration for projects and users
  • Downloading the TrackWise app
  • Accessing TrackWise Mobile on a device
  • Creation and use of “My Views”  to locate records in the mobile application
  • Data entry and updates
  • Record creation
  • Action related items

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