TrackWise QualityView for Consumers

Audience: TrackWise QualityView Consumers
Duration: 4 Hours

Course Description

This TrackWise QualityView Consumer course is designed to show the new Consumer QualityView user how to work with useful reports in the TrackWise environment.  This course provides information on the types of reports and associated report options available to consumer users.  Basic report output types and features such as report, charts, drill down reports, prompts and much more are reviewed.  Additionally, the handling of data within a report for users without report design rights is included.

Course Topics/Outline

  • Introduction to QualityView
  • Review of report tree and folder structure
  • Generating and closing reports
  • Review of report types:
  • Reports and Charts
  • Reports with Prompts
  • Drill Down Reports
  • Dashboard/Document Reports
  • Handling of the various output formats:
  • HTML
  • Excel
  • PDF
  • PowerPoint
  • Active Reports
  • Info Mini Reports

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