TrackWise Training Manager

Prerequisites: Introduction to TrackWise or TrackWise experience /Introduction to Configuration and Administration
Audience: System Administrators, Project Managers, Team Members and 
IS Support Personnel
Duration: 2 Days

Course Description

The Training Manager course provides students with a strong understanding of the Training Manager solution from an administrator’s perspective as well as a detailed explanation of concepts and extensibility of its features. Students learn how to manage curricula, automatically schedule training records, integrate training tracking with dashboards and escalate overdue records. In addition, students learn how to integrate Training Manager with CAPA and Change Control workflows to automatically create new training records based on these processes.

Course Topics

  • An introduction to Training Manager concepts and terminology
  • Training Manager: Core configuration review:

-  Field configuration
-  Group categories
-  Employee and training record project design
-  Workflows (employee and training records)
-  Training template configuration
-  Configuration of training requirements and schedules
-  Configuration of training curricula and curricula mapping
-  Training Manager integration with change control​​

  • Crystal Reports® design for training records
  • Advanced Topics

-  Coordinator configuration for Training Manager
-  Employee records and training template import configuration
-  Review of Dashboards relative to Training Manager

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