Fundamentals of TrackWise Web Services

Prerequisites: Introduction to TrackWise or TrackWise experience/Introduction to Configuration and Administration, Proficiency in Java, Comfortable working in a Java IDE, Familiar with XML 
Audience: Developers
Duration: 3 Days 

Course Description        

The Fundamentals of TrackWise Web Services course introduces the capabilities and application of TrackWise Web Services through the use of real-life business scenarios where web services are typically implemented.  Students of this Sparta Academy training course will learn the following: background information in order to understand the business need for web services; the technologies that are typically used at a high level; how to set up and work in a development environment; and how to set up and program Inbound and Outbound web services through iterative examples that demonstrate the capabilities of the solution.  Exercises throughout the course are taken from the most commonly seen web service integrations and provide a solid foundation for future web services development.

Course Topics/Outline

  • Business Case for Web Services
  • Installation and Environment Setup
    -  Eclipse Installation and Setup
    -  IWS and OWS Setup
    -  Debugging
  • Web Services Best Practices and Conventions
    -  Code Conventions and Logging
    -  Connection / Session handling
    -  TrackWise Configuration
    -  Parameter Files
  • Inbound Web Services
    -  Connection Logic
    -  Working with Data Types
    -  Querying, Updating and Creating Records
    -  Posting Activities
  • Outbound Web Services
    -  Building the Interface Contract
    -  Axis2 and AXIOM
    -  Search and Populate Operations
    -  Working with Grids
  • Putting it all Together
    -  Coupling IWS and OWS
  • Repeatable Process for Development
  • Troubleshooting


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