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Chemical Companies Incident and Corrective Action Software

As chemical and agrochemical manufacturers face increasing regulatory requirements and a growing global supplier network, it can be a challenge to ensure they are adhering to product quality and safety requirements. Successful incident management and corrective and preventive action (CAPA) management ensures that quality control issues that appear unexpectedly in the manufacturing process can be addressed quickly and efficiently, with new or revised processes implemented to ensure that these issues are minimized and corrected elsewhere where the same conditions may exist. This can help support the manufacturer’s efforts to produce safe, effective products and thereby reducing costs and risks.

Incident management and CAPA software enables chemical and agrochemical manufacturers to track and manage product quality and safety events, such as manufacturing nonconformances, supplier nonconformances, and compliance-related events like employees not following procedures. It automates corrective actions triggered by incidents, deviations and other quality events. It then tracks and manages the process of carrying out corrective action plans, automates verification of effectiveness over time, and provides traceability to related quality processes.

With incident management and CAPA software, chemical manufacturers give their quality assurance professionals the power to track and manage quality issues originating from any source. The automated workflow routes quality records through the appropriate investigation, root cause analysis, verification, and effectiveness steps, providing a repeatable, closed-loop incident and CAPA system.

Benefits of Incident Management and CAPA Software

  • Decreases cycle time and production/operation costs by increasing incidents and CAPA process management efficiency.
  • Increases incident management transparency through automated alerts and extensive reporting capabilities featuring reports and executive dashboards. 
  • Reduces the risk of lost or incomplete data with a closed-loop system.
  • Lowers the chance of repeat issues by ensuring that defined CAPA solutions and processes are followed.
  • Increases accountability through assignments, process step approvals, and audit trails. 

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