Complaint Handling for CPG Companies

Consumer Packaged Goods Complaint Management

Customer retention, brand protection, and compliance with industry standards are important objectives for all consumer packaged goods companies. An effective complaint management software solution is critical to achieving these goals.  Sparta's complaint management software helps CPG companies track and manage complaints more effectively for:

  • Earlier identification of potential consumer safety issues 
  • Compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMPs) 
  • Protection of brand reputation 
  • Avoidance of potential product liability lawsuits
  • Long-term improvement of product safety and quality

You can easily log, respond to, and investigate complaints, and monitor developing trends in order to maintain or improve product quality.

Benefits of Sparta Complaint Management Solutions

  • Protects brand reputation and increases customer satisfaction by ensuring complaints are investigated and responded to in a timely manner.
  • Improves compliance and reduces product safety risks while streamlining workflow processes.
  • Automates the process of assigning complaints and related investigations based on manufacturing location, product type or other criteria you establish.
  • Improves management of the complaint life cycle with real-time data and escalation of potential product safety issues.
  • Streamlines operations and reduce costs by improving complaint response and closure times.
  • Helps identify systematic quality issues with ad hoc search tools and reporting that flags trends and outliers.
  • Enhances root cause analysis by managing the investigation process and leveraging root cause drill-down tools.
  • Facilitates compliance with FDA, GMP, ISO, 21 CFR and other industry requirements specific to an organization’s needs and requirements.

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