Supplier Quality Management for CPG Companies

Better Visibility and Collaboration Throughout the Supply Chain

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are under more pressure to comply with regulations like FSMA, GFSI, ISO, GMP, and BRC. The ever-evolving global regulatory landscape is driven by a greater focus on safety and traceability. As regulatory scrutiny increases, a well-implemented supplier evaluation process helps CPG companies produce, manage and track goods effectively, and deliver safe, quality products to their customers.

Manage The Supplier Evaluation Process

Sparta supplier quality management software enables companies to obtain a global view of all quality issues and supplier information.  A centralized and consolidated system facilitates effective supplier quality management.

Benefits of Sparta Supplier Evaluation and Quality Management Software

  • Ensures compliance with industry and government regulations and ISO standards.
  • Lowers the cost of supplier evaluation driven by multiple redundant, siloed systems.
  • Reduces the risk of product deviations and other quality incidents by ensuring supplier non-conformances are addressed before using materials in production.
  • Increases supplier selection efficiency by eliminating redundant supplier evaluations across departments using a standardized, centralized supplier evaluation process.
  • Provides seamless integration to QMS functionality such as SCARs and other quality activities.
  • Reduces risk of lost or incomplete data through a closed-loop supplier processes.
  • Provides flexible yet controlled environments through fully configurable process workflows.
  • Improves other quality and operating processes by integrating with other enterprise-level control systems such as your ERP.
  • Increases operational transparency through automated alerts, dashboards, and reports.
  • Drives accountability though assignments, sign-offs, and automated audit trails.

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