Discrete Manufacturing Supplier Quality Management

Increase Visibility and Collaboration in Your Supply Chain

The most successful discrete manufacturers focus on two important goals in the manufacturing environments: improvement of supply chain visibility and supply partner collaboration. An effective supplier quality management solution connects external parties to the manufacturer’s internal quality processes, providing that exchange and visibility. With suppliers becoming increasingly more integral to the process, this visibility allows the manufacturer to gain control over quality and compliance and better manage operational risk.

Sparta supplier quality management (SQM) software increases quality throughout the supply chain by managing the process of qualifying, selecting, and monitoring suppliers and supply chain partners. It features supplier scorecards, qualification workflows, and tracking systems for supplier non-conformances and resulting actions.

Enhance Your Supplier Quality Assurance Process

SQM software makes strategic supplier selection more efficient by tracking and managing the qualification and approval process for new suppliers while avoiding redundant evaluations.  It maintains complete records of previous suppliers evaluated that can be used for reference by your procurement groups, enhancing the quality and reliability of the supplier base.

Effectively Monitor Supplier Deviations

All supplier incidents and deviations are tracked and managed, along with investigations, and resulting actions.
Linking supplier deviations to supplier corrective action requests and subsequent tasks, helps close the loops on events and improve quality and compliance.

The integrated systems allows analysts, product managers, procurement teams, and purchasing department to see score cards, performance histories, capability audits, certifications, capacity, costs, and more.  This helps your company to develop, maintain, and expand strategic suppliers and improves cycle times.

Benefits of Supplier Quality Management (SQM) Software

  • Enhances cooperation, collaboration, and visibility via supplier dashboards, score cards, and real-time data.
  • Reduces risk of product deviations and other quality incidents by ensuring supplier quality issues are addressed before using materials in products.
  • Increases supplier selection efficiency by eliminating redundant supplier evaluations across departments using a standardized, centralized supplier evaluation process.
  • Provides seamless integration to QMS functionality such as supplier deviations, supplier audits, supplier incidents, and other quality activities.
  • Reduces risk of lost or incomplete data through a closed-loop supplier and internal processes.
  • Lowers costs of supplier evaluation driven by multiple redundant, siloed systems.
  • Improves other quality and operating processes by integrating with other enterprise business critical pillar systems such as ERP, PLM, SCM etc.
  • Increases operational transparency through automated alerts, end-user and management dashboards, and extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Raises accountability though assignments, sign-offs, and automated audit trails.

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