Food & Beverage Complaint Handling

Streamline Your Complaint Handling System

Food and beverage supply chains have undergone significant change in recent years. Consumer preferences are changing and whether it is more varieties or healthier choices, manufacturers are striving to keep up with consumer demands. They are also looking for ways to get products to store shelves faster while reducing costs, often outsourcing manufacturing and packaging to third party vendors.  All of this increases the complexity of bringing products to market, diminishing visibility into quality and food safety.

In response to these trends, and pressures from an increasingly safety-aware and social-media savvy public, managing and tracking customer complaints effectively is critical for food and beverage companies for process improvement, brand protection, and industry compliance. An effective complaint management solution is critical to achieving these goals.

Sparta complaint management solutions help food and beverage companies maintain and improve product quality and overall quality processes. We help companies track, respond, investigate, and analyze complaints more efficiently. Food and beverage companies can monitor developing trends, and quickly respond to customer feedback, preserving brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Sparta Complaint Handling Solutions

  • Streamlines complaint management operations and reduce costs by improving response and closure times.
  • Improves visibility across the organization with centralized complaint handling, supporting multi-site usage, multilingual capabilities, and region-specific reporting features.
  • Protects brand reputation and increases customer satisfaction by ensuring that complaints are investigated and responded to in a timely manner.
  • Increases efficiency by automating the process of assigning complaints and related investigations based on manufacturing location and product type.
  • Reduces risks by monitoring trends in order to escalate potential food safety issues.

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