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Food safety regulations coupled with changing consumer demands and an expanding global supply chain have put significant pressures on food and beverage companies. For example, FSMA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) requires that importers verify and document that food imported into the United States has been handled in a manner that meets applicable U.S. safety standards. As pressures mount, so does the need for a structured quality management system that can support the document and information management requirements placed on food and beverage companies to ensure compliance and food safety.

Managing quality-related documentation is an integral part of food safety activities, from HACCP plans and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to Certificates of Analysis (COA) and Safe Handling documentation. As part of an overall quality management solution, a document management solution captures the necessary documents, ensuring accessibility, data retention and compliance. A document management solution manages the lifecycle of critical documents, providing an audit trail and electronic signature functionality to support compliance.

Sparta document management solutions effectively capture and manage food quality and safety-related documents, providing version control while integrating with quality process workflows and approvals. It can also be integrated with a training management solution, to enable features like the automatic creation of training requirements for employees.

Benefits of Sparta Document Management

  • Enables document management compliance with industry standards and regulations, such as FSMA, ISO, BRC and GMP.
  • Increases traceability and accountability for document and data generation and modification.
  • Enables seamless integration with quality management activities such as supplier audits and corrective action plans.
  • Enforces document control and data security to support compliance.
  • Accelerates change control and review cycles, while reducing the risk of incomplete or incorrect change control efforts.
  • Reduces time, effort, and costs associated with manual, paper-based document management processes.

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