Incident Management & Corrective Action

Food & Beverage Incident and Corrective Action Management

Incident management and corrective action enables food and beverage companies to track and manage a broad range of incidents from many sources, such as: non-conformances, supplier quality issues, and quality procedure-related events, like those impacting HACCP plan execution, appropriate change-overs and Clean-In-Place (CIP). It automates corrective actions triggered by incidents, complaints and other quality events, managing the corrective action process, automating verification of effectiveness over time, and providing seamless traceability to related quality processes, such as change control and training.

With incident management and corrective action software, food & beverage companies give their quality and food safety professionals the power to log and manage quality and safety issues originating from any source. The automated workflow routes quality records through the appropriate investigation, root cause analysis, planning, verification and effectiveness steps. It provides a repeatable, closed-loop incident and corrective action system.

Benefits of Incident Management and Corrective Action Software

  • Improves efficiency and reduces risk by enforcing repeatable, predictable, and standardized incident management processes and procedures across the organization.
  • Increases accountability as well as collaboration by assigning investigations to responsible parties and monitoring due dates through interactive dashboards.
  • Improves global product safety by automatically escalating high-risk issues and notifying other departments and sites when problems occur.
  • Supports compliance with GMPs, ISO, FDA FSMA & 21 CFR standards, GFSI, and SQF
  • Decreases cycle time and production/operation costs by increasing incident tracking and corrective action process management efficiency.
  • Improves the efficiency of quality and operating processes by integrating your incidents and corrective action software with your MES, DMS, and LIMS systems. 

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