Complaint Management for Pharma and Biotech

Integrated Complaint Management 

Now more than ever, leading companies are striving to centralize their complaint handling processes to reduce risk, comply with best practices, and streamline operations. Sparta's complaint handing solutions can be used for documenting, managing, and following up on customer inquiries and complaints and tracking subsequent actions. The system seamlessly integrates complaints with other quality management processeses as well as your CRM and ERP.  

An integrated complaint handling solution can help increase customer retention ang regulatory compliance, and lower the risk of product liability lawsuits.


  • Ensures compliance with government regulations and industry standards.
  • Decreases cycle time and production/operation costs by increasing quality and process efficiency.
  • Protects brand and corporate image through improved response times.
  • Reduces risks of repeated complaints by ensuring follow-up actions such as CAPA processes are completed
  • Reduces risk of lost or incomplete data through closed-loop complaints process.
  • Provides flexible yet controlled environments through fully configurable process workflows.
  • Improves other quality and operating processes by integrating with other enterprise-level control systems such as EPRs and MESs, batch release systems and regulatory reporting systems.
  • Increases operational transparency through automated alerts, dashboards, and reporting capabilities.
  • Increases accountability though assignments, process step sign-offs and automated audit trails.

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