Product Registration Tracking

When a company brings a new product to market, its regulatory affairs professionals must adhere to all registration regulations for every country the company plans to sell the product.  To complicate matters even further, every variation of the product requires its own registration in each individual country. These registrations and other post-approval activities can become burdensome very quickly if a manual, paper-based system is used. Today's global organizations require an automated solution where all registration processes can be tracked in one centralized location to avoid lost information and delays.

Benefits of Automating Product Registration Tracking:

  • Provide seamless integration with other processes such as change control, document management compliance reporting and annual product reviews
  • Improve cycle time of approvals by ensuring accurate data and streamlined management of all registration tracking and submission activities
  • Streamline regulatory affairs workflow and improve time to market by providing users with efficient tools to replace manual tracking processes
  • Ensure real-time access to registration and submission status as well as to all related work items, commitments and tasks
  • Support all major regulatory initiatives and ensures more accurate registration data through automatic data validation

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