Audit Director

As the Audit Director for your company you are responsible for scheduling, auditing, documenting, reporting and providing recommendations on critical points across the global operations.   You manage a team of internal and 3rd party auditors who conduct many audits annually.  You are also responsible for aligning the company’s operations and procedures with the stated SOPs.

Risk Management

A key focus of Audit Management is scheduling resources, collecting observations, completing risk assessment reports and conducting tracking & trending analysis to ensure operations are in line with GxP.  Choosing the right technology is critical to achieving the right level of control and empowering you to better manage risk.  


Audits can be time and labor intensive efforts.  Moreover, many companies spend too much time collecting and logging paper and excel-based audit reports.  That said, leading organizations are leveraging solutions that are built on best practices to automate processes and give greater tracking and visibility into audit scheduling.  


Manual audit processes or siloed systems make it difficult to manage the data produced and reviewed during the course of an audit.  Many companies manage paper based information into reports or manage data from multiple sources.  Neither is ideal.  You need a solution that supports your reporting needs and can facilitate analysis such as automating ratings/ranking of individual audits based on pre-defined questions and insight into deviations from previous audits. 

Our Value

Sparta Systems’ enterprise quality management and regulatory information management solutions are built on best practice processes and reflect over twenty years of domain expertise earned by working with leading companies to solve critical quality management challenges.


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