Director of Supplier Quality

As the Director of Supplier Quality you oversee management of all quality audit processes related to supplier and 3rd-party audit activities.  As part of your responsibility to ensure quality compliance throughout the extended supply chain you oversee the evaluation, onboarding, and control of external providers of processes, products and services.

Supplier Visibility

With so many suppliers to manage, you are challenged to monitor the health of your supplier base.  You need a solution that connects your supplier base and provides greater accuracy of issues being captured and delivers analytic capabilities that make it easy to track trends, see correlations and set priorities within the business. 

Risk Management

As companies grow their supplier networks, the risk associated with those networks also grows.  Moreover, regulations are getting more complex.  Choosing the right technology is critical to achieving the right level of control over the supplier base empowering proactive, ongoing oversight of quality operations. 


With so many suppliers to manage and regulations to comply with, how do you manage priorities without increasing the size of your quality team?  Best-in-class quality teams are leveraging technology to automate workflows to empower the organization and hold down the overall cost of quality without increasing exposure.


Manual processes or siloed or disconnected systems make it difficult to manage the data related to supplier interactions.  Companies who manage supplier quality using manual methods lack the visibility needed.  You need a solution that enables you to evaluate vendors and deliver a macro view of the complex quality and supply chain processes.  Moreover, a solution that empowers you to identify problems early so they limit exposure and control the costs.

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