Training Management Software

A training management system allows employees to take ownership of their own training and helps enhance employee development. Employees are able to track their own progress and see what training they still need to complete in order to carry out their tasks. Supervisors benefit from a stronger workforce that is well-trained and able to successfully perform their jobs to the highest level. In addition, supervisors are better able to organize training tasks, track completion of those tasks, and identify which tasks are overdue, improving operational efficiency and enhancing accountability.

A siloed, paper-based training management system carries too many risks that could affect quality and costs. One significant adverse event, stemming from untrained or undertrained employees, could affect public brand identity, lengthen the time it takes to bring a product to market, and lead to regulatory fines and penalties.

Training Management integrated with quality management provides a seamless environment to ensure compliance with government and industry regulation as well as to maintain a standard of excellence in controlling the training initiative. Centralized, comprehensive training records provide proof of compliance and maintain an accurate reflection of training needs, while integration with quality-driven actions such as corrective action and preventive action (CAPA) plans and change control ensures that any additional training required due to events are enforced and carried out.

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