Food & Beverage Training Management

Automate Your Training Management System

For food and beverage companies, it’s critical that the correct specifications and procedures are disseminated and followed by manufacturing and operations teams across an organization. From recipe changes to updated cleaning procedures, failure to ensure employees have been informed and trained on the latest information impacts operational efficiency, creates waste due to rework, and increases costs.

Sparta training management solutions help food and beverage companies automate employee training, from new employee onboarding to new or changed procedure education.  Relevant activities are scheduled and tracked through to completion. With a centralized, comprehensive training management system, food & beverage companies can verify proof of compliance with the latest SOPs, and integrate training needs with quality-driven actions such as corrective action and preventive action (CAPA) plans, audits, and change control processes.

Benefits of Sparta Training Management Software

  • Supports compliance with industry standards and initiatives, including ISO, FSMA, and HACCP, by ensuring required employee training is completed.
  • Improves operational efficiency by integrating training task assignment with related quality management functions, and enables monitoring capabilities to ensure completion.
  • Lowers costs associated with batch rework by automating the scheduling of training tasks associated with CAPA and change control records.
  • Reduces risks and increases visibility with informative reports and dashboards that provide insight on employee training requirements.

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