Upgrade Factory

Upgrade with Lower Risk, Higher Reward

Sparta Upgrade Factory is carefully designed to provide a well-planned and executed upgrade experience while lowering risk. Sparta’s expert resources will:

  • Assess a customer’s current environment
  • Create a duplicate instance in a secure environment to perform the upgrade
  • Conduct the necessary tests to ensure success. 

Faster Learning

In addition, Sparta can help get customer staff up to speed quickly on new TrackWise features and recommend improvements to optimize efficiencies.

With Sparta Upgrade Factory, customers save time, reduce risk and minimize the cost of the preparation, implementation and post-work that is associated with an upgrade, resulting in a higher return on TrackWise investment. 


  • Reduce risk by having an experienced global team perform the upgrade in Sparta’s secure “sandbox” environment prior to deployment
  • Benefit from proficient, detailed planning and remote environment preparation for the TrackWise upgrade
  • Minimize downtime by using an efficient, standardized upgrade methodology
  • Employ Sparta Upgrade Factory experts to reduce impact to IT staff to focus on strategic business requirements
  • Take advantage of the latest technologies and enhanced user experience in new TrackWise releases
  • Maximize return on investment

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