Discrete Manufacturing QMS Software FAQs

How does QMS software help electronics manufacturers?

Handheld electronics are constantly being updated as new technology emerges. What may be the highest level of technology today may be an afterthought tomorrow. The challenge of a shorter product lifecycle and customer expectations eclipses those of any other industry. Supplier quality issues, global markets, and emerging regulatory requirements are other challenges that must be considered. Sparta quality management system (QMS) software automates processes to reduce risk, decrease scrap and rework, and improve quality across the supply chain -- all while getting products to market faster.

Can Sparta help with regulatory compliance?

Yes, Sparta solutions supports ISO/TS 16949, ISO9001, ISO4001, OSHA18001, ISO27001, and many more. These solutions also integrate with other business critical pillar systems like your ERP, PLM, CRM, and MES and systems, helping improve visibility and collaboration throughout the organization.

How does QMS software support B2B customer satisfaction?

Business customers of electronics expect the best. They understand the shortness of a product's life cycle, the quality needed to meet their customers' expectations, and the opportunities to reach new markets. With these expectations come many challenges. Sparta’s customer complaint solutions help manufacturers meet customer expectations, mitigate quality events, handle customer complaints, and address product safety issues.

Manufacturers use an integrated platform to manage processes that address customer complaints. These processes are transparent and visible across an organization as they happen. This level of automation helps manufacturers extend processes internally and out to their supply chains, helping them provide better customer service, and to meet product expectations.

Does Sparta help manufacturers manage supplier quality?

Manufacturers must be able to depend on suppliers to deliver the same quality that they and their customers expect and need. Sparta supplier quality management features supplier scorecards, qualification workflows, and tracking systems for non-conformances and resulting actions.  Manufacturers have an automated solution to select suppliers and monitor their overall performance.

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