EHS Management for CPG Companies

Environment, Health and Safety Management for CPG

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies must protect the health and safety of employees and mitigate environmental impacts. Managing the complex web of stringent industry and government regulations and ISO standards can be a challenge, but failing to do so can result in poor or dangerous working conditions, regulatory penalties, facility closures and potentially criminal prosecution.

To ensure operational excellence and environmental sustainability, consumer packaged goods organizations look to leverage environment, health and safety (EHS) best practices to minimize risk and ensure compliance with rules and regulations.

Sparta EHS software helps CPG companies meet all of their environment, health and safety goals. Companies can record, track, and investigate all types of incidents, and dangerous conditions across all facilities, including those of suppliers and contract manufacturers. CPG companies can easily manage EHS compliance information from one location and ensure issues are resolved, audits are performed, and company policies are upheld. 

Benefits of EHS Management Software for CPG Companies

  • Facilitates EHS compliance with industry and government regulations and standards like ISO 14001, OSHA 1910, and CPSIA.
  • Reduces the risk of incomplete or ineffective EHS management.
  • Speeds up inspection and corrective action cycles, thereby minimizing the risk of EHS incidents going unnoticed or unaddressed.
  • Reduces the time, effort, and cost associated with manual, paper-based EHS processes.

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