Quality Management in Personal Care & Cosmetics

Automate Your Quality Management Processes

Personal care and cosmetics companies want to provide consistent quality products that consumers can trust, and develop brand loyalty across all markets.  They also need to develop innovative products, manage operational costs, and meet global regulatory requirements -- all while trying to compete with other product leaders in the industry.

Managing dozens of product lines across multiple facilities requires transparency and quality processes to ensure products are on-time and within specification. And global regulatory agencies are taking a closer look at product claims, how products are registered (i.e. cosmetic, drug, medical device), as well as how they are being marketed. 

Improving Personal Care and Cosmetic Manufacturing Processes

Sparta quality management system (QMS) software helps personal care and cosmetic companies acheive quality and compliance.  It helps companies uphold current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) by automating quality procedures across the production process. And it brings together critical quality management processes like: audit management, complaint handling, change control, and supplier quality management. The result is visibility and compliance throughout the organization. 

Cosmetic Quality Control and Quality Assurance

QMS software enables personal care companies to improve overall quality, ensure supplier compliance, improve customer satisfaction, increase visibility, and reduce cost. Workflow automation of cosmetic quality assurance and quality control procedures creates operational efficiencies through standardization.

Benefits of Quality Management System Automation

  • Enables efficient supplier management using SOP or risk-based audits to support corporate and regulatory compliance.
  • Manages all information in a centralized, scalable, and reliable system.
  • Reduces risk by enforcingstandardized processes and procedures across the organization.
  • Increases collaboration and accountability by assigning actions to responsible personnel and monitoring due dates through dashboards.
  • Helps you comply with regulatory and industry standards like the FD&C Act, EU 1223/2009, and cGMP.

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