Hosted Solution

If your company is looking to build or expand your enterprise quality management software (EQMS) solution, but are grappling with the IT resources needed to do so, you can opt for a managed hosted solution.  

Sparta’s hosting services partners provide a secure, scalable and high availability environment for your EQMS. Collaborating with your account team, we work with our select partners to expertly align your EQMS system configuration with the appropriate hosted environment, and ensure that your EQMS is maintained and secure, allowing you to focus on achieving the business benefits of an EQMS without worrying about IT setup and management.   

Key Benefits:

  • Infrastructure and Cost – Have the necessary IT infrastructure resources available to speed deployment and upgrade projects, without the capital investment
  • Support and Maintenance – Employ the hosting vendor to manage system maintenance, freeing up internal IT resources for other projects
  • Reliability and Scalability – Utilize an expansive infrastructure with high availability, hardware and communication redundancies, and 24/7 monitoring to mitigate risk and speed scalability
  • Security and Compliance – Leverage a proven hosting vendor and infrastructure set up to be compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 9001 and Safe Harbor, ensuring compliance and data privacy

For more information about hosted solutions, contact your Sparta account executive, or contact us

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